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Respective Governments responsible for present economic crisis - Anura Kumara

Although the JVP has been saying for a few decades that wrong economic policies followed by various Governments could result in a massive catastrophe, no Government listened to them, JVP-led NPP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said yesterday.

“It is not enough to highlight the present economic crisis. We should also talk about the policies that led to this tragedy,” he added.

He said that wrong economic policy decisions taken by this Government brought Sri Lanka’s economy to the brink of total collapse. Not only us, but also the Government says the country is bankrupt. But, no one seems to be responsible for this. There are talks of an impending food shortage and fuel shortage. Some politicians say that a trillion rupees will have to be printed and talks about the need to cultivate manioc in order to face this crisis. But, there is no mention of those who are responsible for it,” he added.

The NPP Leader was addressing the seminar organised by the NPP held at the Public Library yesterday on the theme of the pain that people are experiencing today should not be passed on to our children.

“This is not the crisis created by a natural disaster. It was not a crisis in which all the fields were destroyed by a massive flood. This is the issue created by the rulers who have ruled our country so far. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss a number of issues contributing to the prevailing catastrophe and how to overcome it,” Dissanayake said.


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