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Abans unveil range of commercial freezers, bottle coolers

Abans has unveiled a line of commercial freezers and bottle coolers that are both affordable and energy efficient, a prudent investment during this economic downturn and ongoing energy crisis. 

Abans’ newly launched range of Whites bottle coolers come in two models, based on capacity, 232L and 1,156L, the 1,156L being a two-door model. Bottle or beverage coolers, also known as Visi Coolers, serve multiple purposes, such as storing bottled water, juice, milk and other beverages.

Whites bottle coolers that serve as a brand enhancer, is a vital addition to any business. They are specifically designed to make it easy for customers to pick out their preferred beverages. Whites bottle coolers employ only the most modern technology and are backed by tried and tested performance. Their energy saving and sleek design contribute considerably to increased product appeal. 

Whites bottle coolers are not only affordable and energy-efficient, it uses the eco-friendly refrigerant R134a. They have an aluminium frame, integrated handle, double pan glass with UV coating, toughened glass with Argon gas inside, and condenser and evaporator made of copper. Its low E glass is treated to prevent condensation in humid environments. These heavy-duty bottle coolers are backed by a one-year comprehensive warranty and the compressor comes with a five-year warranty. 

 The premium range of Abans Curved Glass Top Freezers launched at the beginning of the year, come in two models 258L and 358L, based on capacity. The sliding glass doors make inventory hassle free and the caster wheels make for easy mobility. The freezer is ideal for storage of frozen dairy foods such as ice cream and meats. 

The salient feature that sets the Abans Curved Glass Top Freezers apart from other freezers in the market is its dual drain system, for easy draining. It cuts the draining time in half when defrosting. The interior of this energy efficient freezer is cooled uniformly, with the aid of the eco-friendly refrigerant R290.

It is backed by a one-year comprehensive warranty and its compressor is covered by an iron-clad five-year warranty. What’s more, it is a Sri Lankan made product. 

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