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Maximize use of natural resources – Former Chairman Nishantha Sandabarana

Nishantha Sandabarana.  Pictures by Saliya Rupasinghe
Nishantha Sandabarana. Pictures by Saliya Rupasinghe

One way to overcome the current economic crisis is maximizing the use of its natural resources said former Chairman Attorney-At-Law, Lanka Salt Nishantha Sandabarana.

“Sri Lankan has huge assets in its natural resources and these should be extracted value added and re-exported to gain US dollars.”

He says that during his tenure as the Chairman at Lanka Salt, he started using solar energy to power some of the company’s roof tops and adopted several such measurers.

The Saltern at Palatupana Hambantota

Sadabarana has lined up the following proposals to make maximum use of these materials that could bail out Sri Lanka.

* Make the most of natural resources.

* Let’s generate electricity from the intense sunlight of the day and from the wind in selected places where the wind blows well. In particular, let us use the roof of every government institution for this purpose.

* Commence digging tanks once a year to retain the heavy rains. There will be no more floods or droughts. It can make home gardening as well as other cultivations successful and give great economic relief to the people.

* Pooper management of the oceans around the country and separating the sodium and chlorine that are currently being salted, as well as other constituents in seawater, we can import large quantities of dollars instead of dollars leaving us. (I have the project proposal I prepared for this.)

* Building the right freshwater fishing industry in the lakes in the centre of the country, a large number of families at village level could benefit economically as well as meet the nutritional needs of the people.

* We can create an industrial revolution by creating a collection of innovators who have emerged in the past.

* A division should be established under the Ministry of Agriculture for cultivation and compulsory maintenance of government lands to minimize the damage caused by wild elephants and monkeys due to food shortage in the forest. This will increase the availability of fruits and other crops in the country and increase the nutrition of the people.

* All Ambassadors representing our country should be instructed to create a market for everything in our country from decaying coconut husks to other things. It could bring our country an unprecedented amount of dollars.

* From now on, we will have to import only the essentials until this economy calms down. The rest of our country can be loaded from the coconut husks I mentioned earlier on those ships.

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