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Fairfirst Insurance ranked ‘One of the Most Loved Brands’ in General Insurance category

Fairfirst Insurance, known for its empathy-based innovations, has transformed the insurance industry since the brand’s inception and their capabilities in refreshing and uplifting the service quality within the local industry have translated into the company being ranked as “One of the Most Loved Brands” in the General Insurance category, as recognised in the Brands Annual 2022 edition (compiled by Brand Finance and presented by LMD).

This also comes on the heels of the company being recently awarded as one of the “Most Innovative Brands” across all categories in Sri Lanka by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) and the only General Insurer that’s acquired the highest Facebook review score of 4.1 ratings (as at May 2022). It is evident from these wins that the company’s evolving capabilities find more unparallel ways in redefining world-class customer experiences with empathy, authenticity, transparency, and responsibility.

Becoming one of the most loved brands has become possible because Fairfirst has consistently and continuously delivered on its brand promise. A promise built on four essential pillars –experts in protection and progression, service quality beyond the usual, meaningful innovation and peace of mind at the right price each pillar stands on its own to complement the unique strengths of the company’s efforts in delivering empathy-led, customer-centric insurance solutions and journeys that allow them to redefine the status quo through its world-class service offerings.

Fairfirst Insurance Chief Executive Officer Sandeep Gopal commented: “To be recognised as one of the most loved brands is a great accomplishment for any company. The weight of this recognition is even greater when our efforts in doing well by doing good for individuals, businesses, and the communities are consistent despite all odds. I thank all our amazing Sri Lankans for believing in us on this journey to be the best. Great moments like these motivate us to continue on our path of contributing to the progression of this nation.”

Whilst the use of such techniques and tools revolutionizes its positioning in the insurance category, being a responsible corporate citizen is also an integral part of the company and its global values. Delving into the grassroots of the community via a proactive community engagement agenda plays a key role in the FairfirstWay of promoting Sensible Optimism.

Fairfirst Insurance Chief Marketing Officer Sasith Bambaradeniya also commented: “We are extremely thrilled about this achievement. This recognition serves true to our consistency in delivering on our brand promise, always. A promise that emphasises our strengths in generating unique and empathetic insurance solutions across the market.”

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