12-year-old boy steals grandfather’s gun to rob gas station | Daily News

12-year-old boy steals grandfather’s gun to rob gas station

US: A 12-year-boy has been arrested for robbing a gas station in Michigan, the United States, with his grandfather’s gun, according to a report in the Independent. The boy even fired a warning shot into the ceiling, the report further said quoting the police.

The boy entered a gas station in the city of Hartford about 4 pm on Wednesday last week and waited in line behind another customer before taking out a 9mm gun, the police said.

The incident was captured in the store’s surveillance CCTV cameras and showed the 12-year-old pointing gun at the store clerk. The boy had kept the gun in a black bag he was carrying, according to the Independent report.

The youngster has been charged with six crimes, including armed robbery, discharge of a gun, and assault with a dangerous weapon. The boy’s name has not been released since he is a juvenile.

According to local media reports, the 12-year-old talked to classmates about which gas station in the area would be the least secure before actually robbing one.


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