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Winning Canon De Saram trophy was memorable says Ovin Hettiarachchi

Thomian centre Ovin Hettiarachchi (with ball in hand) making a thundering run.
Thomian centre Ovin Hettiarachchi (with ball in hand) making a thundering run.

Ovin Hettiarachchi played first XV School Rugby as a centre three quarter for his alma mater S.Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia in the Inter-School rugby tournament. He has also captained the College under 18 rugby team. Ovin has been selected to the Sri Lanka national rugby team for the upcoming Asian Games and Commonwealth Games as well. Incidentally he is the only son of famous Prince of Wales cum Air Force SC rugby player Kapila Hettiarachchi.

Speaking exclusively to Daily News, Ovin said “It was definitely my parents who encouraged my sister and me to do at least one sport while in school. I think it’s really important to study and do a sport to balance your mind and body and that’s the main reason why I entered the world of sport”.

“I think it’s safe to say that my dad is my biggest supporter. He has always made sure that I get all the things I needed for Rugby, and he always made sure I was well enough to play the sport. He pushed me a lot and if it weren’t for him, I would’ve never been where I am right now”.

“I was born into a family that was involved in Rugby very much. Mainly my dad and his brothers, who were Captain/Vice Captain in their schools; Prince of Wales College, been in the national pool and played for Air Force SC and Havelock SC. I was involved in the sport from a very young age because of their influence and that’s the main reason why I chose the game of rugby”.

“First and foremost my priorities in life are to improve my relationship with God. I strongly believe that these blessings come from above. Secondly it is to finish my studies successfully and last but not least continue and get better at the sport”.

“Being a Rugby player is no easy task, It is very exhausting to be studying and playing a sport like Rugby simultaneously, especially during the season when we have training multiple times a day. But I’ve come to understand that you don’t gain anything unless you’re committed and maintain consistency, and this leads to victories and other achievements”.

“To be honest, I’m not a cricket fan. But if I were to choose one, it’will be Kumar Sangakkara and my favourite leisure time activities are enjoying playing video games during my free time and I playing my guitar”. “Thus far my most unforgettable incident was definitely my team winning the Canon R. S. De Saram trophy this year by 17 points to 14 defeating Trinity College. It was something my team and I looked forward to since most of us lost some of the best days of our lives due to the pandemic. We we’re so grateful for that win, hence I cherish that moment very much”. “Top most priorities in my life are family, studies, sports”.

“I compare myself mostly with New Zealand All Blacks rugby player Damien McKenzie. I’ve grown within the sport watching people like him and another All blacks legend Sonny Bill Williams play. Observing international rugby is something that has helped me get a wider scope of the game especially at a very young age. There’s so much more to learn”.

“My greatest accomplishment in life is definitely being selected as the youngest member in the Sri Lanka Rugby 7’s squad to the Asian Games and Commonwealth games”.

“The most common compliment I get is when my friend Viyaan looks up to me a lot and I think that’s something to be immensely proud of to know that someone is learning from my skill and aspires to be like me”.

“Yes, I am definitely happy with everything I have accomplished so far. I wouldn’t change anything about the timing of things and my early years in the sport. Everything happens for a reason”.

“The most embarrassing moment on the rugby field was when I got my very first yellow card in my career, at the Dialog Schools Rugby 7’s in 2022. It was during the finals against St. Peter’s College and I was embarrassed that it happened during a very crucial time of the game”.

“I am always doing what I believe in, because you need to love and enjoy what you do and with that comes success. I’m not someone to settle for what others want me to do and I’m chasing my goals for myself”. “In life I like to describe myself as a Committed & Respectful person”

“When I grow up, I want to be a professional Rugby player. I’ve always wanted to be a part of the All-Blacks team. It’s a big dream of mine”. “I want to be remembered for my skill, behaviour, discipline and patience on the field as well as my respect towards the sport, teammates and my opponents. I want people to learn from me and apply those when they play. There’s so much Sri Lankan’s have to learn about from international rugby and other sports personnel” concluded Ovin Hettiarachchi. 

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