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Landowners block backyard, despite PS order to demolish

A resident of the Paranapattiya area in Udunuwara who had bought a car and taken it to his backyard has been barricaded by two adjoining landowners by blocking the road with concrete to prevent the vehicle from leaving the land again.

Due to this, the owner of the vehicle had parked the car in the backyard for about three months and although he had lodged a complaint with the Udunuwara Pradeshiya Sabha and the Velamboda Police, justice had not been done, car owner Priyantha Dissanayake said.

The relevant parties have been summoned to the police station on receipt of the compliant to the police.The OIC had requested that the vehicle owner be allowed to take the vehicle out in the name of humanity, but so far that request has not been granted.

The Udunuwara Pradeshiya Sabha Secretary had informed the two land owners in writing last April that the wall on both sides of the road should be demolished as it was illegal, otherwise the Council would demolish the fence. Priyantha Dissanayake said that the relevant land owners have ignored the Pradeshiya Sabha Secretary’s notice.


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