Religious dignitaries at protest ground did not even condemn Amarakeerthi’s murder - MR | Daily News

Religious dignitaries at protest ground did not even condemn Amarakeerthi’s murder - MR

The religious dignitaries who were at the protest ground made no attempt to prevent the mobs from brutally attacking the protesters, including SLPP MP Amarakeerthi Athukorala. These religious dignitaries did not even condemn the action of these mobs, said former Prime Minister and SLPP Parliamentarian Mahinda Rajapaksa in Parliament yesterday.

He said that such murders have silenced the people who uphold democratic values. He queried as to why MP Athukorala who represented Parliament for nearly two years was murdered, asking whether it was it because he was from an ordinary family from a remote village in Polonnaruwa or was it because he served his people genuinely. He said that the murderers were so vengeful that they even tried to burn the remains of MP Athukorala on the road, which is totally against the cultural values of Sri Lanka. “Nature of his brutal murder reflects the hatred of the murderers and it was similar to the hatred exerted by the so called patriots during the period in 88/89,” Rajapaksa said. “The so called patriots murdered people and branded the victims as traitors and ordered not to carry their coffins above knee level. They ordered to carry the coffins to the cemetery below the knee level to humiliate them.” He made these observations joining the Condolence Motion on the death of Polonnaruwa MAP Amarakeerthi Athukorala.

He said that he had joined Condolence Motions of many Parliamentarians who were murdered on roads like D.M. Dasanayake, Nalanda Ellawala, Jeyaraj Fernnadopulle, A.C.Gunaratne and even the late assassinated President R.Premadasa. He added that except for Ellawala who was murdered during an election period, the others were killed by the LTTE on the roads.

He said further that the Parliamentarians lived with fear and those who represented Parliament in the 70s, 80s and 90s are well aware of this fact. He added they were afraid of some organizations such as Pra and Kalubalallu. However, a country free from fear was created by us after 2009 but the situation has changed by now.

He said by now members are coming on roads with caution. Its a truth due to the economic crisis there is a frustration within the people and they resume to protests. He added that however they extends to brutal murders, and to devastate property owing to the guidance of organized groups. He said that there are such political streams that direct the people’s frustrations such devastations and murders.

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