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Maximum retail price of rice gazetted

The maximum retail price of local white and red raw rice has been gazetted at Rs.210 per kilogramme.

Accordingly, this price was effective from Friday (10) midnight.

The maximum retail price of a kilo of Nadu is Rs.220, a kilo of Samba is Rs.230 and a kilo of Keery Samba Rs.260.

Minister of Trade, Commerce and Food Security Nalin Fernando stated that during the last three weeks or so, there has been a perception among the people of the country that there is a shortage of food.

“Accordingly, the people increased stocks and increased purchases. Due to the increase in demand for rice, rice mill owners are requesting an increase in the price of rice. However, the rice mill owners request cannot be considered as they have been given Rs. 10 during the previous rice increase” he added.

“We are working with the Consumer Affairs Authority to take a decision on the prices of products such as dhal and sugar if they increase further in the future. The Ministry of Trade always thinks of the people. When the prices of goods are reduced they become scarce in the market. Some people say we need goods even if the price goes up. Therefore, we need the support of the people in such cases and we ask the people not to go for unnecessary hoarding. We urge everyone to inform us on social media about the sale and concealment of rice to be sold at higher prices,” he said. The minister said he has called for a report on the sudden gas price hike done by a company.

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