‘Litro Gas has lacked efficient leadership since 2019’ | Daily News

‘Litro Gas has lacked efficient leadership since 2019’

In order to maintain a stable supply of LP Gas and to manage the demand, Litro Gas needs an experienced Chairperson, a group of employees of the company told the media yesterday.

Speaking to the media on behalf of all the Litro employees, they said that the company was earning profits continuously, but started its downfall from 2019 under three consecutive Chairmen who failed to run the business properly.

They pointed out that by 2019 the company had savings worth Rs.20 billion and another Rs.50 billion was paid to the Treasury as dividend and tax.

However, the company’s current debt is Rs.10 billion plus a bank guarantee of Rs. 6 billion, they said.

“The LP Gas crisis is not merely due to the foreign exchange crisis, but the absence of a farsighted leadership of the company,” they said.

According to the Litro employees, nearly four million consumers including 14,000 islandwide hotels, star hotels, food manufacturing companies, hospitals, garment factories, urban dwellers and the Tourism sector have been severely affected by the LP Gas shortage.

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