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Hype Tag Rugby Carnival on June 25

Hype Tag Rugby Carnival 2022 will take place at Havelock Park on June 25 under the guidance of the Sports Ministry, with all aspects of the game monitored by officials of Sri Lanka Rugby Team entries for the event are already being processed, with a maximum of 40 teams allowed to participate in the event. All university teams in Colombo and suburbs have confirmed participation.

The winning team will receive a prize of Rupees 150,000, while the losing team will receive a cheque for Rupees100,000 and followed by Rupees 50,000 for the third placed team and is a source of good cheer for all participants The tournament will take place in a carnival atmosphere that will attract crowds of all age groups. Fun and entertainment will be provided all day long, expected crowd will be 1500 considering all Covid 19 health guideline protocols.

The Rugby carnival attract young rugby players from around our country who have played and loved the sport in the schools, along with their friends, families, supporters, and most of all the ardent lovers of he game. However due to distance and work commitments, and more importantly the pandemic we are all battling as a country, they have not had the opportunity to play the sport regularly and participate in competitions. We believe in giving them an opportunity too enjoy the game they love the most.

Hype Tag Rugby Carnival 2022 provides an opportunity to bring together people from far and wide and we can assure that all participants, from players, coaches, parents, match officials, and sponsors, will be able to enjoy rugby after a long wait.

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