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Girl missing from Gampola found idling in Jaffna

Had runaway after dispute with siblings:

A 14-year-old schoolgirl who went missing from Gampola Galaha Hyde Estate was found six days later at the Jaffna bus stand, Galaha Police said.

The missing person is a school student from Galaha Hyde Estate. She was found by a Jaffna trader identified her and informed the Jaffna Police after photos of her were published in the media.

The girl after a dispute with her siblings at home had gone to a friend’s house in Digana, Kandy and had spent four days there and later she had come to Kandy again to return to Galaha Estate.

She had told police that she had Rs.9,000 with her at that time. She had spent Rs. 4,000 with the money to buy a mobile phone and had returned to Galaha. However, according to her statement she had changed her mind as she was still angry with her siblings.

She had remembered that the sister of a school friend was in Jaffna and had called her on her mobile phone and asked her to find a job for her.She had told her that she should be over seventeen years to get a job. However the friend in Jaffna had told her she can stay at a boarding place. So she had boarded a bus to Kandy again and then had boarded a bus to Vavuniya.She had got off the bus at Vavuniya at 11 pm and had stayed in the bus stand until dawn. She had gone to Jaffna in a bus from Vavuniya at 4.20 in the morning and had tried to call the friend in Jaffna, but as the battery of the phone was low, she had given the phone to a nearby shop to be charged and had gone back to the bus stand.

A trader there had identified her as the missing student and had informed the Jaffna Police and the police officers came and took her into custody and informed the Galaha Police. If her statement is true she has travelled more than 800 kilometers since her disappearance, Police said.

Police are probing her statements and has questioned her sister who is a teacher.

The student’s mother is said to be abroad on employment.

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