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Artefacts deteriorating

Some artefacts found during the excavation.
Some artefacts found during the excavation.

The artefacts at the Korossa Raja Maha Viharaya, in the Rideegama DS division are fast deteriorating and will be lost forever unless swift action is taken to preserve them.

A large number of artefacts have been found when excavations were carried out at the temple premises. According to the archaeologists, the history of this temple goes back 20,000 years. This fact has been confirmed by the former Archaeology Commissioner Senarath Bandara Dissanayake.

There are 16 rock inscriptions, several rock beds, pieces of old clay pots, moonstones and ancient coins among these artifacts.

Most of the frescoes are perishing with the plaster peeling off. Several Buddha statues too have been disfigured.

Chief Incumbent of the temple Ven. Galboda Siddhththa Thera said that Prime Minister D.S. Senanayake had very often visited this temple considering this as his family temple. Photographs available in the temple proves this fact, added the Thera.

The Chief Incumbent and the Dayaka Sabha of the temple request the Archaeology Department to take action to preserve these artifacts for the benefit of future generations.

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