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Bridge urgently needed over Kuda Oya

Residents living in several villages are greatly inconvenienced as the responsible authorities have failed to construct a new bridge in place of the old bridge across Kuda Oya on the Balawattala–Gokarella road which was demolished about a year ago.

Instead a culvert has been built at the place which is not at all suitable for large vehicles. Only light vehicles such as three-wheelers and motorcycles can use this culvert.

Villagers point out that when a bridge is demolished, there should be an alternative bridge.

“This culvert was washed away several times and we had to repair it. According to the notice put up by the authorities the date of commencement of the work on a new bridge was March 19, 2021 and it was scheduled to be completed by July 19, 2022,” the villagers said. They further said that several school vans and lorries transporting farmers’ produce ply on this road everyday. It is risky to ply over this dilapidated culvert, they said.

When the Daily News inquired from Kurunegala Executive Engineer of the Road Development Authority Chaminda Wijepala, he said that the work on this bridge has been suspended temporarily. Payments have not been made to the contractors completely. Contractors are faced with great difficulties as the prices of the materials have gone up under the present situation.

They have asked for a revision of estimates. “We will try our best to resume the construction work soon,” he added.

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