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Indian fertilizer ship due to arrive on July 6

Minister of Agriculture, Wildlife and Forest Conservation Mahinda Amaraweera said that 65,000 metric tons of Urea fertilizer to be supplied to Sri Lanka by the Government of India for the 2022 Yala Season is due to arrive in Sri Lanka on July 6.

He was addressing a discussion held last Friday (17) regarding the upgrading of infrastructure required for the supply of fertilizer for the 2022 Yala Season and the 2022/23 Maha season.

This stock of Urea fertilizer was ordered by the Government of India from Oman for paddy and maize cultivation in that country. Therefore, the Government steps to provide 50,000 metric tons of this fertilizer for paddy cultivation and 10,000 metric tons for maize cultivation. Arrangements have been made to distribute the Urea fertilizer to the farming community within a few days after receiving the stock of Urea fertilizer on July 6.

“Every official and institution should work for the success of the fertilizer distribution programme. It is the responsibility of the officers to ensure that no irregularities occur,” Minister Amaraweera said.

The Minister said that if any wrongdoing is reported, the law will be enforced against the wrongdoers irrespective of their rank.

“We want to solve the country’s fertilizer problem. Some people can express certain things. Some see what the Government is doing as wrong. There are people who criticise things as a habit without any valid reasons. Therefore, it is okay to criticize us. We as a Government are doing what we can,” the Minister said.

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