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Thugs rule Kandy fuel sheds

The All Ceylon Trishaw Drivers’ and Owners’ Association says that people who have been waiting in line for days to get fuel have been severely inconvenienced as many petrol stations in and around Kandy have been taken over by gangs affiliated with the underworld.

In addition to this, despite the number of vehicles in the queues, the first to buy fuel at two petrol stations in Harispattuwa is a bus owner and his gang of thugs, says the propaganda secretary of the association Kapila Galapitage.

Galapitage said gangs were roaming around the petrol stations, taking money and forcing vehicles into the middle of the queues and intimidating the workers manning fuel pumps to get fuel for cans at will.

He made this statement at a media briefing held in Kandy on Monday (20) to inform the media about the irregularities taking place in the vicinity of petrol stations in Kandy.

The situation can be seen in Kandy, Buwelikada and Kundasale petrol stations as well, and the identity cards of various professionals, including doctors in queues for essential services at some petrol stations, are being checked by these gangs, he said.

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