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EU Ambassadors to Sri Lanka assure President :

Consider European countries as friends of Sri Lanka

Will provide assistance at this difficult time :

Consider European countries as friends of Sri Lanka. Ambassadors of the European Countries have assured continuous support to Sri Lanka in these challenging times.

These remarks were made by European Ambassadors when they met with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa at President’s House in Colombo, yesterday (24).

The delegation members pointed out that a firm message about the future plans of building the country’s economy will certainly pave the way for the international community to assist Sri Lanka.

Nearly 90% of the country’s population lives in rural areas and 75% of those people depend on agriculture.

The President said that by providing them with the required fertilizer and fuel, many problems as well as the issues related to the supply of food could be solved.

Steps have been taken to provide uncultivated Government lands to those interested in agriculture as a solution to the land issue.

President Rajapaksa explained the initiatives launched by the Government to provide a lasting solution considering the humanitarian situation that has arisen after the war as well as the fair manner maintained in the process of enforcing law without any party affiliation and interfering to the Ambassadors.

A number of areas, including investment, tourism and education, were discussed at length.

EU Ambassador to Sri Lanka Denis Chaibi, Eric Lavertu, Ambassador of France to Sri Lanka, Rita Mannella, Ambassador of Italy, Norwegian Ambassador to Sri Lanka Trine Jøranli Eskedal, Tanja Gonggrijp , Ambassador for the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Ambassador of the Republic of Germany Holger Lothar Seubert, Victor Chiujdea, Ambassador of Romania, Ambassador of Turkey Rakibe ekerciolu, Swiss Ambassador to Sri Lanka Dominik Furgler, Chief of Staff to the President

Anura Dissanayake and Admiral Jayanath Colombage were also present at this discussion.

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