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No Govt. took steps to resolve Tamil question - Sampanthan

TNA Leader and MP R.Sampanthan said yesterday an economic crisis has been created as a consequence of all the Governments’ ruling in the country not resolving the Tamil national problem over the past 74 years. In an interview with India’s ‘The Hindu’ newspaper, the MP said that this situation did not happen overnight but step by step. He said that a war had started as no Government in the past took steps to resolve the Tamil National question in Sri Lanka.

Later that war was spread throughout the country without being confined to the North and East and it remained largely a stalemate for nearly 30 years and this has resulted in the country’s economy being devastated.

“Even now, the Government is seeking the support from only a few political parties to overcome the economic crisis and it is fruitless trying to find a stable solution for this problem without getting the support of the TNA or any other Tamil political party. The Government will have dire consequences in the future,” he said.

He further said the Government should introduce a definite plan for economic development and seek the support of Tamil political parties, as well as providing a solution to the Tamil problem in this country, which has been dragged on for many years.


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