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Petrol shipment due on July 22 - Sagala

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The Government has secured a petrol shipment that is due to arrive in the country on July 22.

Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Sagala Ratnayake addressing a meeting with editors and media heads said that the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) has confirmed that a shipment of Petrol is expected to arrive in Sri Lanka on July 22.

He said the relevant purchasing agreement will be signed today (30). He said while the confirmed shipment is expected to arrive on July 22, attempts are being made to secure fuel shipments prior to that date but details cannot be disclosed until these shipments have been confirmed. Ratnayake further said that discussions and attempts were also underway to secure more stocks of fuel prior to the arrival of the expected shipment on July 22.

He added that a shipment of diesel is expected in early July, while the CPC is trying to source a Petrol shipment by the 10th of July, while a shipment is expected from India by July 22.

Ratnayake further revealed that currently the CPC has 11,000 MT of Diesel, 5,000 MT of Petrol, 30,000 MT of Furnace Oil, and 800 MT of Jet Fuel. He added that a shipment of 38,000 MT of Diesel will be received between July 11 and 15. However, he noted that the existing Diesel stocks in the country will only be available for essential services until the new shipment arrives.



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