President calls for an All Party Government | Daily News
In letter to all Parliamentarians:

President calls for an All Party Government

Expectation of people to find solutions to burning issues:

President Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday made a written invitation to all Legislators in Parliament for an All Party Government with an objective of creating economic and social stability in the country.

The President in his letter to all Parliamentarians said that forming an all party mechanism is an expectation of the people, to find solutions to the burning issues facing the country at present.

President Wickremesinghe in his letter added that he expects to build a wider discussion over the reimplementation of 19th Amendment to the Constitution and reintroduction of Oversight Committees for the benefit of the country.

He requested Parliamentarians to apprise him of their willingness for such a programme without delay.

Excerpts from the letter:

“The Government is making great efforts to get the country out of present political and social anarchy along with the economic crisis.

Accordingly, the basic plans for the implementation of a systematic economic reform are being prepared and we are also taking the necessary basic steps to create economic stability.

However, in order to successfully overcome the challenges before us, it is my opinion that a programme should be implemented with the participation of all political parties, academic groups, civil organisations represented in Parliament.

It is the intention of the general public to see their representatives in Parliament working to find solutions to the economic and social crises through a common programme. It is the duty of the Government and you too,” the letter stated.

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