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6 mn people over 20 years not received booster vaccines

Only 8 mn out of 14 mn people have been administered booster jab:

Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Samitha Ginige yesterday said that 6 million people over 20 years of age have not received the COVID-19 booster.

He stated that only 8 out of 14 million people above 20 have been administered the booster vaccine in the country.

Dr. Ginige added that it is recommended by the health experts that any person above 20 years should take the booster vaccine and the second booster dose can be taken after three months of taking the first booster dose.

He said that people over 60 years of age and those suffering from chronic illnesses should get the COVID-19 booster vaccine to protect themselves from the virus, and such people should get these vaccine doses as soon as possible. He said that the immunity level of the people who received the first and second doses of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine is on the decline and there are enough booster vaccines at Government health warehouses. Dr.Ginige stated that there are enough vaccines to provide booster doses to the people without shortage and that vaccines can be obtained from the nearest MoH office or hospital.

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