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Officials’ negligence ruining public assets in Wadduwa

The Pre-school and the Seva Piyasa buildings at the Rose Gardens in Molligoda, Wadduwa remain unused for years, Panadura PS Councillor Krishan Chaminda (SLPP) told the Daily News.

"These two buildings are assets of the public. They are decaying in rains and sunlight,” he said.

“I made many requests to Panadura PS Chairman Waduge Hemantha Fernando at the monthly sessions to look into the pathetic situation of these two buildings and take steps to renovate them but he neglected my requests.

"All the doors, windows and furniture in these two buildings are totally decayed now. There are nearly 50 kids belong to over 50 families at 32 houses in a 50 acre land called the Rose Gardens. It has been partitioned into 42 plots under the purview of the Molligoda 704 GS Division," he said.

These kids have been deprived of a pre-school because of this negligence of the relevant authorities.

Even the Seva Piyasa building could have been used by the residents in Wadduwa for many purposes if it was renovated and opened.

The Panadura PS Chairman is responsible for the destruction of these two buildings. The residents of Molligoda have been deprived of very valuable resources in the Rose Gardens due to the carelessness of the authorities," he said.

“Former Minister Reginald Cooray spent over five lakhs to construct the ground floor of the Seva Piyasa and the Ministers of the next regime and the LG authorities paid much attention by supplying water and electricity, but everything wasted due to the negligence of the officials,” residents of Molligoda and Wadduwa said.

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