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Two Police teams inspect FSP main office

Two Police teams have inspected the main office of the Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) in Nugegoda last morning.

The party’s political committee member Duminda Nagamuwa said that the first group of ten people in civilian clothes together with a Police Officer in uniform had arrived and demanded to search the office premises. However, they did not have a search warrant.

Nagamuwa further stated that the second group of about 30 uniformed Police Officers had also arrived wanting to search the premises. When asked if they had a warrant to search the FSP office, they presented a search warrant issued on Wasantha Mudalige, the Convener of the Inter-University Student Union.

He said that the first group of Police officers had arrived at around 7.30 yesterday morning and despite repeated requests to produce a search warrant authorizing them to search the FSP office, the police had ignored their requests and continued to search every inch of the office.

“We asked them which Police station they were from, but they did not even respond to that question. There were around ten in that group. Shortly after that another group of around 30 Police officers arrived demanding to search the office. When we asked them what was the meaning of all this and told the another team had come earlier, they said that they were unaware of the first team having come. Then we asked them if they had a search warrant to search the premises and they produced the search warrant that was meant for IUSF Convener Wasantha Mudalige.”

Nagamuwa stated that the second team too searched the FSP office premises thoroughly and left.

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