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Over 500,000 Rapid Antigen Tests available, Ministry says

The Deputy Director General (Laboratory Services) of the Health Ministry, Dr. Sudath Dharmaratne stated yesterday (02) that the Medical Supply Division has over 500,000 Rapid Antigen Test kits to detect those infected with Covid-19.

He said that if a person is suspected of being infected with the Covid-19 virus, they can go to the outpatient department of a hospital and get a Rapid Antigen Test done and the government has the necessary facilities for that.

The results of the rapid antigen test can be known in as little as half an hour.

He said PCR tests to detect Covid and Antigen Tests facilities are available in more than 26 laboratories established throughout the country.

The new strain of Covid-19 BA5 virus is spreading rapidly in areas across the country and the Health Department points out that by identifying the infected and keeping them safe, the virus can be prevented from spreading further.

With 108 new cases of Covid-19 diagnosed on Monday (01), 665,847 cases have been diagnosed so far, according to the Epidemiology Department.

The department states that 648,154 of the total infected people have recovered and 1,134 infected people are receiving treatment in hospitals and homes.

A total of 16,559 people infected with the Covid virus have died.

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