SLAF drone that crashed near Parliament found | Daily News

SLAF drone that crashed near Parliament found

A team of Navy divers recovered the drone that crashed into the Diyawanna Oya while it was deployed for the opening ceremony of Parliament on Wednesday.

SLAF spokesman Group Captain Dushan Wijesinghe said that it has been confirmed that the drone had crashed due to a technical failure. The relevant drone was deployed for surveillance by the Sri Lanka Air Force yesterday during the opening ceremony near the Parliament.

The drone which was deployed for security surveillance had suddenly crashed into the Diyawanna Oya yesterday. Several drones have been deployed by the Sri Lankan Air Force for the security surrounding the Parliament area. The Air Force Spokesman said that this was part of the air defence system that is enabled when parliament is in progress and for the protection of the President. The air defence unit is capable of jamming any approaching enemy drone or other outside force, which is a security measure to protect the head of state.


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