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Shot and killed over family dispute

A 34-year-old man was shot and killed in the Lunugamwehera area by his Father-In-Law and brother-in-law over a family dispute on Thursday night (04).

The Lunugamwehera Police said that the victim is a father of two residing in the Lunugamwehera, Weerawila, Punchi Appujapura area. The victim has been identified as Thilina Prasad who was attached to the Lunugamwehera Wildlife Office under the Lunugamwehera Divisional Secretariat. The victim and his in-laws had been embroiled in disputes over a long period.

On Wednesday (03) the victim had an issue with his in-laws over several of his cows and his wife’s brother had threatened to kill him. The victim had also lodged a complaint with the Lunugamwehera Police and the murder had taken place while an investigation was being carried out regarding the threat made by the victim’s in-laws.

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