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At discussion with several factions of protesters:

President says ready to work with Galle Face protesters

Seeks support of youths to win economic challenges :
No room for non democratic politics and violence :
President Ranil Wickremesinghe meeting with Galle Face protesters yesterday. Picture courtesy President’s Media Division

President Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday said that he is ready to work with the Galle Face protestors in a transparent manner.

The President while stressing that the country has to win the economic struggle said that he hopets to get the contribution of all youths at the protest ground in every way to win the economic challenges ahead of the country

President Wickremesinghe was speaking at a discussion with several factions of Galle Face protestors at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday. The President stressed that he is against the non democratic politics and violence in any form.

He emphasized that those who work for suppression through the University System should give up ragging. “They should stop ragging and come forward for social democracy.

The President requested them to form a core group representing all protestors at the Galle Face which represents all religions and women.

He added that he would like to propose several places including the Floating Market in Fort for the benefit of the youth with State patronage.

The President requested the protestors to draft a formal set of proposals in this regard with the participation of majority of protestors.

He was of the view that this place should be turned into a centre where the youth can fulfill their skills and needs. He said that this place should be made a central place where libraries for education, facilities to continue political studies , youth skills in music art, stage drama can be found.

The President was of the view that removal of the Emergency regulations will help economic and social stability in the country.

The President said that it has an impact on governance due to the prevailing conditions

He said that he has received information that the LGBT community has been facing some issues due to the imposition of Emergency regulations and he has given instructions to the Attorney General to prepare the legal background to resolve this issue.

“Ragging is one of the main reasons for the collapse of our university system. Strikes have continued all the time. A country cannot move forward through strikes,” the President said.

The President said that the parties should come to a middle point through negotiation. He said that they should discharge their duties towards the country while winning their demands.

The protestors requested the President to stop arresting those who participated in the struggle illegally and arbitrarily. They pointed out that many protestors were reluctant to leave the protest site in fear of them being arrested.


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