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Gas price reduction from midnight today

Paper on price revision in Cabinet today
Paper on price revision in Cabinet today

The price of Liquefied Petroleum (LP) gas is slated to be reduced from midnight today. It is reported that the price of a Litro 12.5 kg domestic gas cylinder may be reduced by Rs.200 to 300, company sources said. Commenting further on this, a senior spokesperson of the company said that Litro has been making profits since last July.

Accordingly, the official added that the repayment of overdue loan payments of his company have also started.

A Finance Ministry senior spokesperson said yesterday (7) that the Cabinet paper on the price revision of Litro gas will be presented to the Cabinet today (8).

Accordingly, the Finance Ministry has also confirmed that there will be a revision in the gas prices from midnight today (8).

Meanwhile Litro Gas Company Chairman Muditha Peiris had said earlier that the company has enough gas stocks to ensure that queues will not be formed in the future and added that gas orders have been placed to have sufficient gas until October.

He had also explained that shipments for August, September and October have been confirmed.

The chairman had further stated that gas ships have been ordered and confirmed as required.


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