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Tooth extraction lands man in trouble

A man from Kandy who kept his extracted tooth in his pocket was in for a rude shock as the Police had apprehended him as a treasure thief after finding the tooth inside his pocket.

A businessman from the outskirts of Kandy had come to the town yesterday to see his dentist and buy some spare parts for his vehicle.

He had first gone to the dentist who had recommended the removal of a bad tooth. The businessman had reluctantly agreed but had asked the dentist to give his extracted tooth back to him. This he had wrapped in a small polythene cover and had put it inside his pocket.

Due to the Kandy Perahera there is heightened security in Kandy and the businessman had to face a thorough search by an alert policeman at the E.L.Senanayake Veediya.

After the Police officer found the tooth inside the businessman’s pocket, he had been subjected to lengthy questioning. Later, the businessman had been referred to a higher officer by the said Police officer and further questioning had ensued.

The businessman said the police questioned him regarding the tooth suspecting it to be an elephant pearl. The Police also had found Rs.500,000 in his possession.

The businessman was released after a while when he produced documents from the doctor regarding the removal of his tooth.

The businessman although been able to achieve the first task for which he came to Kandy, that was to meet the dentist, could not attend to the second requirement, which was to buy spare parts as he had to face a lengthy interrogation by the police regarding his extracted tooth.


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