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Hold examinations on time, systematically - Opposition Leader

Conducting national examinations without proper planning will further widen economic, social and educational disparities, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa told Parliament yesterday (9).

Premadasa said that holding examinations without time delays is important, however, holding these exams without proper planning is not fair by the students.

Premadasa noted that failure to conduct many term exams, the disruption of practical training, and the expansion of educational disparity, limited online education have intensified the crisis in the education sector.

“Generally, the next A/L examination will be held six months after the results are out, and the 2021 A/L results will be released in August, and the fact that the authorities have proposed to hold the 2022 A/L examination three months later has caused A/L students to become deeply depressed. That is, before the release of the results of the 2021 A/L examination this year, applications for the 2022 examination have been invited.

Accordingly, a student who decides to re-sit A/L in 2022 based on the 2021 results will not have enough time to prepare for it. Did the Ministry of Education take these matters into consideration when deciding the dates for the examinations? So, what are the solutions for this? What is the obstacle to conduct the exam this year according to the schedule of the previous year?,” Premadasa questioned.

The Leader of the Opposition also asked what measures the government has taken to secure the future of the students and children who are under crisis due to this situation. He made these observations raising a question under Standing Order 27/2.

Premadasa also pointed out to the Education Minister that the decision not to absorb development officers above the age of 35 into the Teaching Service is unfair and requested him to find a solution to the said matter.


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