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Forming all-party administration only a dream - Anura Kumara

Considering the Government’s approach towards an all-party administration, forming such would only be but a dream, National People’s Power Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said in Parliament yesterday (12).

Joining day three of the debate on President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s Policy Statement, Dissanayake noted that if the government is ready to come up with positive suggestions, the NPP is still ready to consider joining an all-party government.

Dissanayake pointed out that the Government only wants other parties to join an All-Party Government but not to form one and be active participants.

“People seem to believe that the lack of a proper economic plan is the major reason behind the crisis we are suffering. Yes, to some extent it seems the case. Lack of a long term economic plan does have an impact. However, the basis of this crisis is the political culture. If we want to get out of this crisis, we need to change the political culture. Without that change, there is no way out from the crisis we are in. This political culture is filled with corruption, fraud, waste and power hunger. No one from the outside can solve our problems for us. No foreign state or international organization resolves problems for us. If we want to get out from this, we need to do it ourselves. We need to manage our resources successfully to solve this problem. Words are not enough. Most importantly we need to remember that the ones who are responsible for pushing the country to crisis will never ever rescue the country from that situation.” Dissanayake pointed out.

Dissanayake observed that the President is using the Emergency Regulations to suppress people while saying that he is ensuring democracy. Dissanayake noted that Wickremesinghe is trying to please the ones who appointed him as the President.

Dissanayake pointed out a new mandate is vital as the present mandate does not represent the people’s will.


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