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Police tracking down ordinary people these days – Mano Ganesan

Leader of the Tamil Progressive Alliance Mano Ganesan said that the main duty of the Police these days is to track down ordinary people who entered President’s House and Temple Trees during the protests.

“The struggle was very peaceful until May 9,” he said.

Joining the debate on the President’s Policy Statement in Parliament on Friday, he said that certain law enforcement officers too provided motivation to the protesters during the struggle.

“The peaceful protest was hailed by many European countries as a model protest. Even those in Colombo clearly saw how peaceful the protest was. Yet now the Police are hunting for those involved in the protest. Even some of my close friends had been summoned by the Police and when I called the Police, I was told that these were the orders that they had received. They are arresting ordinary citizens who went to President’s House and Temple Trees, but we saw on social media how even Police officers in uniform were using the gym at President’s House and also playing the piano. Is it fair to arrest only the ordinary people who went to see President’s House? They went there out of curiosity similar to visiting the zoo.”

“Therefore, I urge the President to immediately order the authorities to stop hunting down these protesters. This is wrong,” Ganesan said.

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