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Paedophile operating devalaya in Unawatuna

Police to probe whether cover up occurred

Abused more than 20 boys

Southern Province Senior Deputy Inspector General (SDIG) Ajith Rohana has initiated a special investigation with the approval of the Inspector General of Police to probe allegations that some police officers allegedly provided assistance to a person said to be a paedophile preying on young boys.

A man having a ‘Devalaya’ in Unawatuna, Habaraduwa has been arrested by the CID for allegedly sexually abusing minor boys.

It is also stated that before the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) received the anonymous complaint about this person, a police station in Galle had received a complaint about this.

It is now being revealed that the complaint had not been investigated properly. Police information revealed that when an act of abuse done by him to a child was revealed, money had changed hands and a complaint was settled without even recording it in the police books.

It has now become a well-known secret among the police officers in Galle that the officer who took money and help from this person was the one who initiated the resolution of the complaint. The person had even allegedly provided a luxury vehicle for the use of the officer and it is said a close friendship had formed between the suspect and him while the officer was holding a high position in a police station in Galle.

It is said that after the arrest of the suspect by the officers of the Criminal Investigation Department, the said officer made a strong effort to prevent the media from reporting about it and to keep the suspect on a bench instead of in the police cell.

Police information revealed that he was making calls to various officers at the Hikkaduwa Police Station, where the suspect was being held until he was brought before Court.

The Criminal Investigation Department suspects that the person has abused more than 20 minors sexually.

The Criminal Investigation Department revealed that the suspect’s mobile phone and other computer devices are currently undergoing forensic investigation to identify the children who were allegedly abused by the suspect. He had also allegedly videotaped his acts and sold them to foreign websites.

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