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Get anti-COVID booster jabs soon - Dr.Ginige

Over 6.4 mn have not got first booster still

Chief Epidemiologist Dr.Samitha Ginige, stated yesterday (14) that out of the 60 deaths that have occurred in the past 12 days due to COVID, 48 are over 60 years.

He said that it has been found that the number of COVID deaths among those over 60 has increased rapidly and that not getting the anti-COVID booster vaccinations may be the cause of these deaths.

He also emphasized that elderly people and people with chronic diseases should get booster shots as soon as possible. He stated that the Health Ministry has enough vaccine doses to provide booster vaccinations to the population of this country and that any person over the age of 20 can get these vaccine doses from the nearest medical health officer’s office or hospital. The Epidemiology Department also said that 6,497,627 have not yet received the first booster dose of the anti-COVID booster vaccine.

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