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President must uncover hidden truth in Easter Attacks - Cardinal

Colombo Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith said that Sri Lanka will not achieve true freedom until political leaders themselves obey the law.

The Cardinal said this during the second financial donation given to victims of the Easter Sunday Attack, by Pope Francis.

Speaking during a service held at St. Anthony’s Shrine, Kochchikade, during which Euros 100,000 was donated by Pope Francis to the Easter Sunday victims, Cardinal Ranjith said the present government also must work towards finding the hidden truth with regards to the Easter Sunday attacks.

He noted that the incumbent President will be accepted only if he works towards uncovering the hidden truth on the Easter Sunday attacks.The Cardinal blamed generations of politicians for influencing the law, to obtain personal benefits and destroying the country in the process. He noted that all political leaders have contributed to destroying the independence of the judiciary, after coming to power. The Cardinal commented that Sri Lanka is not truly independent after 74 years, if Police continue to be influenced by political leaders and connected persons.

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