Special police team to take over drug lord from Dubai | Daily News

Special police team to take over drug lord from Dubai

The Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) says there are unofficial reports that the drug trafficker named Harak Kata has been arrested by the Dubai security officials when he arrived at the Dubai airport to travel to Malaysia on a foreign passport prepared under the name Herath Dissanayakage Roshan Isanka.

However, the Public Security Ministry states that neither the International Police nor the Dubai Government has officially informed Sri Lanka about this. Sources revealed that a request has already been made to the Dubai Police through the international police branch of Sri Lanka to provide official information regarding the alleged arrest of Harak Kata.

The police information also stated when the arrest of Harak Kata is officially notified to Sri Lanka, a special team is scheduled to go to Dubai.

At the time of Harak Kata’s arrest, a woman said to be his wife and another person are said to have been with him. There is speculation that another underworld criminal named Jile was there as well.

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