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Damage caused to President’s House properties

Police look out for 30 individuals

* Several Aragalaya leaders among them
* More than 150 people identified from photographs and videos

Police officers investigating the cases of breaking into the President’s House and damaging its property have identified the names and addresses of 30 individuals responsible for the acts.

A senior Police officer stated that investigations are currently underway to arrest them.

He stated that the suspects were currently in hiding and some of them keep changing their residences to avoid arrest.

An official said that there are also several leaders of the ‘Struggle’ (Aragalaya) among them.

Police have so far collected details of more than 150 people from photographs and videos from the investigation to identify the people who broke into the President’s House.

The thirty individuals whose names and addresses have been identified too are among them.

The photographs of the 72 persons identified through videos and photographs were released to the media on two occasions by the Police Headquarters.

Police say that they are receiving a good response from the public and they were able to arrest two women recently who were sitting at the round table where the President held discussions with Ministers and officials at the Presidential Palace based on the information received from the public. The Police information stated that the Police are receiving information about the people in the photos published by the media.

As of yesterday, 22 people had been arrested on suspicion of breaking into the President’s House and damaging its properties. Among them, the Police said, were several people involved in the theft of goods from the President’s House. “Public assistance will be sought to identify many more photos in the future,” an official said.

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