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Over 30 wanted suspects arrested

In a day-long operation on Sunday in all the provinces of the island except the Northern and Eastern Provinces, 32 absconding suspects with arrest warrants against them in connection with various crimes were arrested, police said.

Among them there are 10 persons with open warrants.

Information from the Criminal Investigation Department stated that among the arrested warranties, there are also six suspects who fled the country when the investigations began.

A senior officer of the Criminal Investigation Department said that a travel ban had been imposed against all the six suspects and that they had fled the country before the ban was imposed and it was questionable how they entered the country without being caught by the Immigration Department.

He said that a special investigation has been started in this regard.

The officer further mentioned that about 150 suspects required by the Criminal Investigation Department have obtained warrants related to various frauds and criminal investigations and most of them have fled the country.

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