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Ampitiya woman’s killing; four Police teams deployed to arrest suspect

Kamani Ranasinghe
Kamani Ranasinghe

A wealthy woman residing alone at a house in Ampitiya junction, Kandy Lake Round was killed by an unknown person on Sunday. The crime had taken place in broad daylight with the woman’s throat being slit with a knife.

The deceased has been identified as Kamani Ranasinghe (64), a mother of two. She was a retired Staff Grade Officer at the Department of Labour and had been living alone in her residence. The Police say blood trails can be seen in the house which suggest that the woman in question had moved to a store room near the kitchen after the attack.

The woman’s children are residing in Australia and the husband had passed away sometime back.

The murdered woman is the owner of several buildings at Ampitiya Junction which were given on rent for businesses. A neighbour said that when he went to the woman’s house at around 2.00 pm, he saw some blood stains and while following the trail of the blood stains, he saw a dark skinned person about five feet in height coming out of the woman’s house with a blood staned knife in his hand.

“The person who was holding the knife was also bleeding with wounds to his hand,” he added.

The neighbour said the man who had pointed the knife towards him in a threatening manner had said it was a family issue.

The neighbour said when he went inside the house, the woman was moaning and after a few moments, she had died, so he did not try to take her to the hospital and informed the Police. The Police are investigating.

Meanwhile, four Police teams have been deployed to arrest the suspect involved in the murder of the woman.

The Police yesterday also found the trishaw in which the alleged murderer fled the area following the incident.

The driver of the trishaw had said the suspect had gone to Gannoruwa area in his trishaw.

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