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Train staffer assaulted after smoking warning

A train ticket inspector was admitted to the Maho hospital after he was assaulted by a passenger when the inspector warned him not to smoke inside the train between Galgamuwa and Maho railway stations yesterday.

The incident took place around 10.30 a.m. in the Colombo Fort-bound Uttara Devi intercity express train (4018) from Kankesanthurai and Jaffna.

This is the second incident reported involving passengers and railway staff in this area within this week. Earlier on August 15, a tense situation was reported in the Yal Devi express train when a group of passengers clashed with another group of passengers and train staff over a seat-related issue. Three passengers were hospitalized following this incident.

The ticket inspector sustained injuries to his eye and is receiving treatment, the hospital sources said.

Railway security officers have arrested the suspect and handed him over to the police for necessary action. Maho police is conducting investigations.

On July 23, a railway security guard was killed after two drunken train passengers kicked him out of the train when he advised them against their conduct between Veyangoda and Wandurawa railway stations.

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