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Drug addict robs blind friend after party

Eheliyagoda police are conducting an investigation to locate a drug addict who has gone missing after robbing Rs.400,000 from his visually handicapped friend, police said.

Among the arrested are an expelled soldier who had also served as a driver of the distilleries company earlier, police said. He had planned the robbery with a drug addict from the Werahera Watta area.

The suspects have attempted to rob nearly Rs.30 million from the premises, however had ended up with Rs.500,000 after their attempt was failed.

Police said the drug addict had entered the office premises on the guidance of the main suspect during a power cut experienced in the area at night. Investigations have revealed that the main suspect is also a drug addict and the duo had planned this robbery to find cash for heroin.

They had spent Rs.360,000 on heroin by the time of the arrest, police said. Boralesgamuwa police are investigating.


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