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Partner becomes fallguy in ‘Pas Podda’s shooting

Police teams investigating the murder of organized criminal gang member ‘Pas Podda’ have identified the suspect who had conveyed the details of the whereabouts of the victim to the shooters to commit the crime. 

The victim, Saman Rohitha Perera alias ‘Pas Podda’ was shot dead by an unidentified gunman in front of the Gampaha Courts on July 27.

According to the police, the suspect has been identified as a close associate of ‘Pas Podda’ and he had been with Pas Podda for a long time being a partner of the crimes committed by him.

On the day of the murder, Pas Podda and this suspect had come to the Gampaha court premises to appear for a case against them.However, it has been revealed that this suspect had arrived in the court premises on that day in a separate vehicle as he was aware of the murder to be committed sometime after.

The murder has been planned and carried out according to the instructions given by underworld criminal Kehelbaddara Padmasiri, who is currently in Dubai.

Police teams are conducting further investigations to arrest the suspect.


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