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Morison commences local production of three high-in-demand medicines

Morison factory in Homagama
Morison factory in Homagama

 Morison Ltd., a pioneer in pharmaceutical manufacturing in Sri Lanka (formerly known as J.L. Morison’s Son & Jones (Ceylon) PLC), commenced manufacturing of Bisoprolol tablets B.P. 5mg 250s, Ros-10 (Rosuvastatin tablets I.P. 10mg 30s blister), and ChlorMor (Chlorphenamine tablets B.P. 4mg 100s blister) recently.

 This marks a milestone in the local pharmaceutical industry, as these high-in-demand medicines are now more affordable and accessible to our people, the supply of which does not have to depend on imports.
 For the first time in Sri Lanka, Bisoprolol 5 mg tablets are now being manufactured locally by Morison and supplied to the Medical Supplies Division for the use in government hospitals. Used as a treatment for high blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions, the annual requirement of Bisoprolol in the government sector is around 40 million tablets, which was being imported to date.
 By producing the same locally, Morison is able to make a significant forex saving for the national economy during these unprecedented times. Plans are underway to make Bisoprolol B.P. 2.5mg and 5 mg available in all leading pharmacies as a branded medication in due course, to enable purchasing through a valid prescription.
 The second new product launched, Ros-10 (Rosuvastatin tablets I.P. 10mg 30s blister) is used to treat high blood cholesterol, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Morison launched Ros-10at approximately half of the current weighted average market price, offering significant savings to Sri Lankans.
 The third latest addition to the Morison portfolio, ChlorMor (Chlorphenamine tablets B.P. 4mg 100s blister)is an oral antihistamine that helps to relieve symptoms of allergies. This too was launched at a price less than the prevailing similar products in the market.
 Dinesh Athapaththu, Managing Director of Morison Limited, commented on the commencement of production of these pharmaceuticals saying, “This indeed is a key milestone for Morison as well as the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in the country. Our purpose is to “Make Premium Healthcare Affordable” and our efforts to enact our purpose are now predominantly concentrated on nurturing an exclusive homegrown pharmaceutical brand that is built upon a value blend that is uniquely unparalleled.”
 “Our new branded pharmaceutical range as such offers six Unique Value Propositions (UVPs) which are precisely being truly Sri Lankan, offering Global Quality, at a Local Price, introducing Novel therapies, through a purely Ethical framework whilst being a Credible pharmaceutical brand that our people can rely on.”
 Morison commenced operations of their latest state-of-the-art manufacturing and research facility in Homagama in May this year, which is the largest investment to date in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka. This will be a great boost for the pharmaceutical supply of the country during this crucial hour. 

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