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Amana Takaful Insurance: A people-centric system

Amana Takaful Insurance, underwent a significant wave of changes occurred in the year 2020 in terms of management and many other areas such as internal staff, processes, and digitalization. These improvements brought the company to a "new beginning" in 2021.The primary success of this brand refresh was the renewed corporate slogan “To every Sri Lankan, as one” – talking directly to the entire nation, as well as having a version of the slogan adapted into each official language of Sri Lanka.

Ever since, the companyhas continued to exceed stakeholder expectations. Most recently, the general insurance business posted robust and resilient financial performance figures recording a remarkable 42% year-on-year growth in Q2 2022. The Life insurance business too witnessed an immensely successful 2021, and has continued to surpass project revenue growth rates in 2022. Amana Life Insurance posted a 15% year-on-year growth in Q2 2022.

Our commitment to providing quality customer service will always be our number one priority. Our customers enjoy key benefits such as “Call & go” (where you can report a motor accident by calling our 24/7 hotline, and simply carry on with your journey), settling over 85% of our motor claims requests within 48 hours, are some customer-centric solutions offered by Amana General Insurance. On the other hand, Amana Life Insuranceis the only Takaful Life Insurance operator in Sri Lanka, and thus has also become the only life insurance company to give the customer more choice and control over the movement of their funds – specifically the investment component of their life insurance fund.

We are more than just insurance. We create lifelong partnerships.We make dreams - a reality. We make life - a possibility. We are people who care.We are Amana Takaful Insurance.



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