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Mendis Directors released on Rs. 15 mn bail

Two Directors of the W. M. Mendis and Company Arjun Joseph Aloysius and A. R. Dinendra have been ordered to be released on two sureties of Rs.15 million by Colombo Additional Magistrate T.N.L. Ilangasinghe yesterday.

This was in relation to a case filed by the Department of Inland Revenue over evading to pay taxes of Rs.1,678,795,049.00 owed to the State.

The Additional Magistrate also issued notice on another director of the W.M.Mendis Company to appear before Court on next calling date.

The Department of Inland Revenue had filed another two separate cases against the W.M.Mendis and Company for defrauding more than Rs.6 biillion in taxes owed to the State.

The case filed by the Inland Revenue Department said that W.M.Mendis & Co. Limited located at No. 309/5, Negombo Road, Welisara has failed to pay taxes.

President’s Counsel Rienzie Arsecularatne appearing on behalf of the two respondents informed the Magistrate that they received on August 22 the licence on the assurance of settling tax arrears. The President’s Counsel further stated that they will take necessary steps to settle the said tax amount as soon as possible.

Thus, the Magistrate informed the respondent party to discuss with the prosecution how to pay the delinquent tax amount to the Inland Revenue Department and inform the court on the next court date. The Magistrate fixed further inquiries for October 3.

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