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Interim Budget presented by President is ray of hope to public - Minister Fernando

The Interim Budget 2022 presented by the President Ranil Wickremesinghe is a ray of hope to the public in despair due to the economic crisis, Minister Harin Fernando said.

Fernando said the Opposition is not supporting an All-Party Government because of their political hypocrisy. If there is anyone who is hindering the revival of this country, the second phase of the ‘Aragalaya’ should be against such persons, Fernando observed.

Joining the debate on the Interim Budget 2022, Minister Harin Fernando furthered that it is imperative the House come together to find solutions to the prevailing economic crisis in the country. Fernando accused that the House has never come together even if the country had gone through dire situations.

Fernando said, “There was a time when even Parliamentarians could not have any fuel. Now that the situation is getting a little better, political hypocrisy raises its head. If they had a backbone, they would have used their votes against this budget. They do not even have a backbone. This is one reason I took a decision like this too. When we make correct decisions, even nature blesses us. The risk that one man took is extremely commendable, I should say. Everyone was reluctant to take up the challenge. There was only one person to take up this challenge. Now you are pulling the leg of that person.”

“The country is going through an economic, social and political crisis. Our people need a long-term and short-term solution to this crisis. But now the opposition is ready to topple the government to grab the power. President Wickremesinghe does not micro manage things, I should give him that credit. He let Minister Kanchana Wijesekera to manage the fuel crisis, and gave him the freedom to solve the problem without hindering the decisions the latter called for. This is what a good leader does,” Minister Fernando pointed out.

Minister Fernando said the Opposition has forgotten the electricity, gas, fuel, fertilizer shortages and instead is playing a political game.


We have to find ways to solve dollar crisis prevailing in the country - Minister Ranatunga

We have to find ways and means of solving the dollar crisis prevailing in the country and all the Ministries should also find methods for bringing more dollars to Sri Lanka,”

Chief Government Whip and Urban Development and Housing Minister Prasanna Ranatunga told Parliament yesterday.

The Minister said that Urban Development Authority has already commenced such a program. We have given an opportunity for buyers for paying dollars for several housing projects that have been built.

The Minister said this while joining the second reading debate of the Appropriation (Amendment) Bill.

Minister Ranatunga further stated that this interim budget was presented as a measure of recovering the country from the huge economic crisis. However, we cannot expect a quick miracle from this budget even though how good this Interim Budget in the face of this economic crisis.

“The President has presented this budget highlighting six main points. Expenditure management, introduction of new foreign investments, introduction of restructuring of public enterprises, introduction of new legal reforms, state fiscal management and other policies led to the increase of public expenditure.

The current President and we are working together. It is the system change and we are thankful for the commitment made by the Ministers Harin Fernando and Manusha Nanayakkara. All 225 Members in Parliament should be get together to overcome this crisis.


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