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Just In Time Group hosts Cyber Security session for BSFI Sector

Under the thought leadership of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Just In Time Technologies, Neranjan Dissanayake, Just In Time Group hosted an insightful and interactive knowledge-sharing session pertaining to the importance and significance of modern cyber technology for the protection of data and next-generation security recently at Movenpick Hotel Colombo, in partnership with Connex Information Technologies Pvt Ltd.

The session included on creating awareness of the global trends in cybersecurity, the roadmap to comply with data protection and privacy laws, the revolutionary technology mapping to the central bank regulatory framework, technologies to create a comprehensive cybersecurity architecture and introduceworld-class international solutions to the local market, which the key speakers Neranjan Dissanayake, Deenadayalan Nagaratnam (Consultant Information Security, Connex Information Technologies) and Clarence Samuel (Consultant Information Security, Connex Information Technologies) focused and discussed on.

“The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a revolutionary change to the corporate working culture, introducing the concept of remote working, which subsequently altered the external boundaries of internal IT systems and infrastructure and third-party integrations. This simultaneously introduced advanced cyber threats and ransomware to many organizations, making it extremely difficult to safeguard IT systems. The global economic crisis too creates a large vulnerability to Sri Lankan corporations, a target to foreign adversaries which may be both government or privately funded.”

“Therefore, it is vital to increase the strength and resilience of the Cyber and Information Security Architecture. Prevention, Detection and Response are the key aspects that revolve around modern and trending technologies from a global perspective.”

“With the Central Bank Regulatory Framework on Technology Risk Management and Resilience and the Data Protection and Privacy Act which was approved in March, both licensed banks and financial institutions have much work to do to properly architect and design environments according to a layered defense-in-depth concept,” states Chrishan Mendis, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Just In Time Group.

The ever-increasing adaptation to digital transformation for improved business processes and service efficiency has also brought organisations with typical risks of not only losing data, money or securities with business interruptionsbut also resulting in loss of millions in revenue and profits through cyber-attacks.This is especially true when it comes to the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sectors with increasing number of incidents being reported over the past 12 months.

This knowledge-sharing session was well-received by the key industry leaders in the BFSI sector who attended this event.

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