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Growing interest for Port City with potential investors

Potential investors of Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, Business owners and Former Government Officials from the US and Russia - Andrei Gaidamaka, Former Vice President of Lukoil, Russia and Todd Hendricks, CEO and owner of T.H. Properties, USA were among the delegates who visited Port City Colombo to scope out promising investment opportunities in Sri Lanka, last week. In attendance were also senior officials from Port City Colombo.

This is part of the promotion strategy of Port City Colombo amongst the international business investors who seek free and open business enclaves in the region with multiple location advantages. As the Asia Region continues to attract increased global capital inflows, expand its markets, simulate a growing high-income class, and sustain the higher growth momentum, Port City Colombo offers beyond a geographical advantage, with fiscal and non-fiscal incentives for ease of doing business.

Port City Colombo endeavours to offer a “one-stop” Service Centre, with far-reaching tax and regulatory incentives, free trade facility, forex and banking ring-fencing, an open labour market and a very attractive living environment focused on green and smart living.

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