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Monk found murdered in Seeduwa temple

Chief Incumbent of the Nandarama Temple in Wettewa Seeduwa has been found murdered at his abode.

Police said that the murder has taken place a few days ago.Villagers had inquired as a bad odour was emanating from the direction of temple premises.The villagers on suspicion had informed the police as the abode had been locked.

When police broke open the door, the body of the monk covered with a robe had been found. His face has been wrapped with a cloth and the police believe that the monk had been killed by strangulation.

An 18 year old monk had also been staying at the temple and he has been seen at the temple premises on Tuesday. However this monk in question had not been seen at the temple from yesterday morning. Police had noticed that the monk had left the temple carrying his personal belongings too.

Villagers had informed the police that there was a dispute between two monks over the ownership of the temple. Both monks had made complaints to the police regarding this dispute time to time It is suspected that the murder has been carried out by this monk as a result of this dispute

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