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'The Sun is actually white'- Ex-NASA Astronaut

Illustrations of the sun.
Illustrations of the sun.

US: For those who think that the Sun is actually yellow, that is not its true colour. And on Tuesday, former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly confirmed this space fact.

The real colour of the Sun is actually white and the reason the dwarf star generally looks yellow is because of a strange play of physics of light which makes the sun appear yellow most of the time. The sunlight is essentially all colours mixed together, which appear to our eyes as white. But this is only easy to see in pictures taken from space.

The sun appears yellow due to our atmosphere. But once you leave the Earth's atmosphere, the Sun appears white rather than any single colour. This is due to how our eyes see colour.

We are unable to perceive a singular colour of the sun because the amount of sunlight simply saturates the photoreceptor cells in our eyes, causing all the colours to be mushed together. When every colour of light is combined, you end up with white. Thus, the sun appears yellow on Earth and white in space. On Earth, the atmosphere also plays a role in the colour of the Sun.



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